Our History

When I was a child, I was enchanted by Villa Paradiso and would look at it dreamily from the window of my family home. It was my castle, my timeless fairy tale.

The years pass, children grow up, choices and opportunities change, always fast, always fleeting.
Until one day, one of the two most important people in your world, your dad, decides that the villa, so beautiful and longed-for, must be yours.

In the blink of an eye your dream comes true and, amid feelings of disbelief and amazement, the time comes for the solicitor to draw up the deed of sale and the doors of the villa to open wide and reveal their secrets.

So, you find yourself admiring the original stuccos, while the enchanting sounds from the nailed floors are like music from a bygone era. You discover hidden corners, forgotten paintings and unimagined feelings.

You wonder whether the countess who first envisaged such elegance for Villa Paradiso was truly aware of the precious gift she would leave to posterity or whether it was merely her personal taste that led to making the house such a beautiful jewel.

And then you are moved when you think back to the great man who gave you such a wonderful gift, a man who was at home there… who with immense pride, resting a hand on your shoulder, told you: “Agata, come here for a moment…”

That is how “Villa Paradiso” was born, a place where the hustle and bustle of daily life succumbs to the peacefulness of the lake settings, where everything has a special flavor, where moments become timeless, where the ancient and the modern blend into one, making you simply feel at home.

Agata Donegana